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Biomimetic Degradation of Lignin Lignin Biodegradation and Practical Utilization, Colloquium held in Trieste at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology on June 27-30
Cui, F., Wijesekera, T., David Dolphin, Farrell, R., and Skerker, P.
Journal of Biotechnology, Elsevier Science Publishers, B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands
30, 15-26
Stable, water-soluble metalloporphyrins have been shown to be good biomimetic catalysts for lignin model compound degradation. Catalyst 1 closely mimics the function of lignin peroxidase in the oxidation of a variety of lignin model compounds including veratryl alcohol, phenylpropane and phenylpropene model compounds, β 3-1, β 3-0-4, β 3-5 and 5-5'biphenyl compounds. The catalyzed reactions includes benzylic alcohol oxidation, benzylic methylene hydroxylation, double bond dihydroxylation, aromatic demethoxylation, side-chain C-C bond cleavage, side-chain oxidation, and aromatic ring cleavage reactions. Mechanistic information is also obtained through the isolation of novel products. Preliminary studies indicate that the metalloporphyrins are also effective catalysts for lignin oxidation and pulp bleaching.

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