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Synthesis, Derivatization and Structural Characterization of Octahedral Tris(5-Phenyl-4,6-Dipyrrinato) Complexes of Cobalt(III) and Iron(III)
Bruckner, C., Zhang, Y., Rettig, S.J., and David Dolphin
Inorg. Chim. Acta
263, 279-286
The formation of octahedral tris(5-phenyl-4,6-dipyrrinato) complexes of cobalt(III) and iron(III) of p-subsituted (?H, ?CO2Me, ?NO2) 5-phenyl-4,6-dipyrrins is described. The molecular structure of the parent cobalt(III) complex was determined by X-ray crystallography. Crystals of C45H33N6Co•C3H6O are monoclinic, a = 13.539(2), B = 22.348(2), C = 13.467(1) Å, V = 3882.7(8) Å3, Z = 4, space group C2/c. The structure was solved by direct methods and refined by full-matrix least-squares procedures to R = 0.039 and Rw = 0.033 for 2309 reflections with 1 ? 3σ (F2). These regular octahedral complexes underline the special coordination properties of the 5-phenyl-4,6-dipyrrins as compared to α,β-alkyl-substituted dipyrrins for which no such tris-complexes are known. The reduction of the p-nitro-substituted Co(III) complex to the corresponding p-amino complex and the saponification, chlorination and esterification of the p-methoxycarbonyl-substituted Co(III) complex are reported, highlighting the chemical stability of the complexes and their potential to be incorporated into larger structures.

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